Why you need a Career Coach

Imagine these scenarios:

A) You are caught up with the change of work culture, which is affecting you. It becomes a point of 95% results, 5% employee relations. Your colleagues are feeling the same way. HR does not have the influence to change things internally, prefer to deploy a diplomatic stand towards the internal situation

B) You are planning to quit because none of your counterparts really understand what you have been through in work.  Will you just throw in the towel, wait or continue?

C) Your boss is authoritative. As a Team Leader, you try to adapt to his style but failed.  He decides on his own ways of doing things, to the point that he disregards your opinion openly in front of members of your team.   The respect is lost and you feel frustrated.

D) You feel that career progression is limited.  Despite initial promises and the work you have done, there is no option available to scale upwards. It’s just lateral movement to another business unit within an organization.  What will you do?

E) You have an important interview and will like to polish up some soft skills, including visualization. A role play helps.  Where and who will you turn to?

There can be various situations.
If one is to group them, basically there are:

(i) Workplace Dissolution
(ii) Inconsistent HR Practices
(iii) Mid-Life Stalemate
(iv) Limited Opportunities to Grow
(v) Bad Boss

Career Coaching & Consultation comes in…….

That’s where an independent, unbiased and trusted Career Coach steps in to help clear the fog within you.  The Coach is not here to resolve issues which are not within anyone’s control (control things that you can) but here to listen, engage, listen and help work together with you to charter forward-looking career options.

Sometimes, it can be awkward to approach your HR department or your fellow colleague due to the inter-dynamics, diplomacy and deep-seated culture beliefs of the organization.  After all, you never know who to trust right?

A Career Coach is here to understand the surrounding factors, your prejudice and internal values. The Coach is able to manage expectation, if any and depends on the severity of the case, that will set forth the next step.

Why Careergowhere

A Career Roadmap that will support your decision-making process.

And a great Career Coach will work with you together to produce one that you truly own and superbly beneficial.

Not a Job Placement Officer

Acknowledging the benefits of getting a Career Coach, one has to be mindful that he/she is not a Job Placement Officer.  Meaning, he is not here to guarantee a new job, neither here to testify to a Hiring Manager that you are the right candidate.  That could be the work of a Recruiter (i.e. Executive Search firm) or a HeadHunter (mainly for VIP positions such as Senior Director, Senior VP etc.)

That said, out of goodwill, there are Certified and good Career Coaches who will refer you to the Recruiters who are professional and reliable.  At least, you have a leg up.  Then, their role is done, the Recruiters will take on from there.

On the other hand, if the Coaches hear of any available positions and think you have the potential, they will just link you up.  Your job is to contact the Hiring Manager, the Coach guides you, for instance overhauling your resume to a marketable piece in the eyes of the Hiring Manager.

Why Career Coach 

For PMETs (Professionals, Managers, Executives, Technicians), there are different clusters whom have varying needs.  A Salesperson expects a more dynamic position in the next job.  An Engineer prefers to look for stability.  An IT Developer likes to stay in Singapore and not based overseas.

The Coach advice and at some point, offer their consultation.  The end goal is to make sure the individual makes a better informed decision in work, able to comprehend their workplace dynamics, get a deeper sense of their career journey – not a choice of haste, impulsiveness or public-led opinion.  Hence, a person of expertise in workplace management, as an “Advisor-in-Need” to be your career wing man.

What Next?

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Choose one of the 4 packages or a custom made program that suit your needs.  You just need the right dosage to find clarity and visible direction.

Go for it and see the difference.