Trial Sessions

Keen to experience how a career coaching session is?

Now, it’s the time to seek career-related answers within oneself, to unlock deeper insights and to uncover things you may not once expected.

Take on Trial Sessions with us now!

Most suitable for working professionals and students who will like to zoom into a specific topic of interest.

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Some topics to consider

1. Establish Career Direction
2. Career Pivot Strategies
3. Career Interests Mapping – find out what my interests are
4. Interview Sharing
5. Career Action Step – what you feel work, doesn’t work or need deeper validation

Trial can run from minimum 2 hours to 4 hours maximum.
Per session = 2 hours

Delivery of the trial can be face-to-face, through phone or Skype.

Enjoy a discounted rate!

To take up the trial, please email us your name, contact details and selection of the topics above (or you have a special agenda in mind, let us know)

*Please note that one would not be able to self discover fully as the time period is limited.  However, there is a high possibility to get a magical moment of awareness – something you never thought of.  Therefore open up new realms of career opportunities.

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