It’s been a great journey for myself as a Freelance Certified Career Coach.  The expression of gratitude from my clients (mainly Executives and Managers) keeps me going.  Serving the interests of working professionals are both art and science.

It’s not just earning a dollar, but to literally analyse the circumstances of the individual, to critically think about how you can fit into their life as a Coach and Consultant and to ensure they have the aptitude, positivity and ability to make better informed career decisions across their work life – this is my true motivation moving forward.

Thank you everyone for the enriching experience!

Examples of statements from my clients 

Career Planning – from Ms. CN Ong

“Career coaching is not something prevalent in Singapore yet. It was with trepidation when I first decided to take up the full career coaching package with Ken as some of my close friends who have never heard of career coaching before thought that it will just be a waste of my money.

Well, now that I have come to the end of the career coaching course, I must say that taking up career coaching with Ken was the best investment I have given myself for my career and professional development. Ken has assisted me to gain a lot of self-awareness, aided me in overcoming my weaknesses and helped brushed up my interview techniques which led me to secure a good job offer at the end of the whole program. My self-confidence has also improved after the career coaching sessions with Ken.

Ken is very knowledgeable, has a very strong passion in what he is doing and do not mind going the extra mile for his clients. His career coaching materials were very structured and comprehensive. He listens and provides sound advices. I would definitely recommend him to any of my friends who are lost in their career or need career coaching.

I wish him all the best in fulfilling his dream of setting up his own career coaching centre.

Thank you Ken! It has been an enjoyable career coaching journey with you.”

Career Planning – from Mr. Koh Jiafu 

“There are many decisions to make in life. Perhaps the most significant yet annoying one can be choosing a career. A wrong decision can result in a loss of time. I was at this crossroad figuring which way to go. Thank God that I met Ken. Ken’s competency and astuteness as a career coach is second to none.

He has helped to analyse my needs and uncovered my strengths in order to identify a suitable position for me. His resume writing skill is remarkable. In the past, I used to send numerous resumes out but to no avail. After a close examination by Ken, the result was stunning. Out of 7 resumes I sent out, 3 companies responded and scheduled an interview with me.

On top of that, Ken has enabled me to overcome my anxiety for interview. He has always been a great Career Coach whom I can rely on for encouragement. Now I’m a happy individual earnestly striving forward to fulfill my destiny in an established bank in Singapore.

With heartfelt gratitude, thank you for all the sincere and relentless effort in coaching me. I have truly benefited much from your invaluable advice.

Keep up the good work Ken!!!”


Resume Editing – from Mr. Suneeth Varma
(Indian working in Singapore)

Resume Editing – from Ms. Aiko Yoshida
(Japanese working in Singapore)

“I would like to take this opportunity to thank Mr Tan for his resume service. The one-on-one consult not only gave me invaluable tips and advice (which I believe landed me the job I have now!) but furthermore, it really showed your determination to help me get a job.

I am extremely grateful for the outcome of my resume, cover letter and consult, and  I will be sure to recommend you to all my colleagues, friends and family.”

Career Planning – from Mr. Lu WH

Dear Ken,

“Ever since I took up your full career coaching program, I have learned more about what I am looking for in my career, and has achieved a more focus view on career searching. The many hours you spent and the effort you put in coaching and preparing me for jobs interview are really effective. The needs analysis part in the program has helped me to gain better understanding in the areas I shall focused and has highlighted the strengths I shall bring forward in my resume. The most valuable part in this coaching program was the interviewing skills and role playing interview sessions. The interviewing sessions has helped me to gain good confidence and prepared me to answer tough questions from interviewer.

Your interview workbook was very comprehensive and had useful tips on how I shall respond during the interviewing process. Before I had this coaching program with you, it never occurred to me interviews should be carried out in this way. I am getting more and more confident as we progress along the program, and I have started receiving calls for interviews.

I am very happy that your coaching program has successfully helped me to secure a job offer. The interviewing skills you taught me were already worth the price I paid for the program. I am really glad that I took up your coaching program.

Thank you very much!”