Career Development – what you should do?  @ Serangoon National Library 

Key sharing include Career Map, Career Interests Navigation and a structured framework to help participants manage their pathway.

Skill Discovery Workshop @ Nanyang Polytechnic (NYP)

Career Bootcamp organized by Nanyang Polytechnic.  Part of the workshop includes skill identification, assessment and development. Participants include a mix of final-year students and early working professionals whom has just graduated from NYP recently.

Career Practice in a VUCA Economy

CDAS (Career Development Association of Singapore), with the support of NTUC, organizes a seminar for Career Coaches – how to survive and adapt in a volatile and uncertain climate.  Attendees get insights into positioning and branding, as well as adopting a holistic approach towards their clients.

There is a Q&A with the panel of speakers (myself included).

CDAS talk - my speech

CDAS talk - Q&A

CDAS illustration Ken Tan - Career Practice in VUCA Economy

Career Planning Workshop – Toa Payoh Community Centre

Attendees are keen to design a structured approach to charter their career pathway.  Reflecting their current job role and their expected job description.

It’s not possible to cover all in one session – rather the foundation to get started.  There are practical exercises covered.

Key Takeaway:
Tools to start planning and thereafter execute, review and plan again.


Interview Workshop – James Cook University Singapore

Students wonder how an interview can be aced to get into deeper rounds of shortlisting.  One is able to get tips online or to read up several established sources.

There is a role play designed to offer glimpses of a typical interview setting.  Students are able to be in their character to experience.  While there are no hard rules, there are ways of engagement to be uniquely different, yet capture a better impression.

Key Takeaway:
Real-time insights to pick out pragmatic techniques of engagement during an interview.

Career Planning – National Library Singapore in Cheng San, Geylang East 

Similar to the Community Centre Workshop – the aim is to equip folks with a set of practical tools, at a structured framework, to get them started plotting a feasible career map.  Then, it’s execution mode, review progress and to manage expectation.

Self assessment reflection include:

  • Which career stage are you in?
  • What are the factors that influence your decision?
  • How will you navigate obstacles that affect your career growth trajectory?

Key Takeaway:
Worksheets and checklists to help construct their strategy of progression.