Annual Career Checkup

Just like a health check up, it’s always helpful to have an annual career checklist.

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Find out where you are right now, what’s stopping you, how you will like to move forward towards your perceived direction. This will likely lead to better career experiences with measurable outcome.

A regular career checkup can also prevent problems that might otherwise occur.


“You seem fearful in entering the engineering trade despite a huge interest to fix things….why?”

“how can I do more client-facing roles because I like to meet new people? Currently, I am a nurse with an empathy for people”

Types of Career Checkup

Choose any of the six below (more than one is possible):

– identify your key competencies (of up to three). are you using them fully in your work?

Career Direction

– are you energized by the work you do? if not, what type of changes are you planning?

Career Exploration

– are there new fields of work you heard about and will like to explore?

Job Search
– how have you been screening for potential opportunities? How is the response?

Interview Role-Play

– get into action and review if the preparation and execution are spot-on

– how is your career discussion with current or future employers?

The delivery can be a session only, minimally 2 hours coaching and/or consultation or can be combined into a package of time, depending on scope of the checkup.

Never get digitally disrupted, don’t leave matters to the economic changes.

Remember – without a “once-per-year” checkup, you will never know.

To proceed, please email your name, contact details and your choice/s (pick any of the six above – selection can be more than one).

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