50 amazing interests beyond your full time job

There are dynamic individuals pursuing their unique passions till their interests develop into visible career pathways – either way or start their own business.

It’s no longer the average Grab Driver or a Deliveroo cyclist. Turning a flexible job into their personal transportation business can be a possibility over time.

A songwriter decides to make a mark beyond Singapore, venturing abroad to seek success. A Tarot Card Reader decides to set up her shop in the alley of New York. An Acrobat working for Cirque du Soleil.

Depending on the stage of an individual’s career life, there can something worthwhile to fill in. It’s just like gazing at the crystal ball……

Take the leap of faith.

In Singapore, we are practical folks, who shouldn’t be right? But if finance is not the primary concern and dreams make up more than 50%, here is a list of 50 interests worth taking a hard look:

1) Data Scientist
2) Private Investor
3) Market Trader / Remisier
4) Blogger / You-Tuber (must aim to be the top 5)
5) Sculptor (e.g. toys, clay, soap)
6) Private Tutor
7) Acrobat
8) Chauffeur
9) Social Media Marketer
10) Web Developer
11) Music Composer
12) Animator
13) Stuntman
14) Singer
15) Fengshui Master / Fortune Teller
16) Electrician
17) Taxidermist
18) Massage Therapist / Reflexologist
19) Consultant (e.g. relationship, business)
20) Corporate Trainer
21) Instructor (e.g. swimming)
22) White Hat Hacker
23) Motivational Speaker
24) Magician
25) Merchandiser
26) Dancer
27) Tour Manager
28) Designer (e.g. graphic, fashion)
29) Cartoonist
30) Artist (e.g. tatoo, make-up)
31) Bodyguard
32) Cobbler
33) Handyman
34) Web Influencer
35) Butler
36) Professional Poker Player
37) Writer
38) Researcher (e.g. UFO, medical, science)
39) Car Racer
40) Conservationist
41) Grave Digger
42) Busker
43) Brand Ambassador
44) Undercover Agent
45) Professional Conference Organizer (PCO)
46) TV Host
47) Website / Software Developer
48) Investigator (e.g. CSI, Paranormal)
49) Storyteller
50) Priest

Happy exploring! (and realize your potential)

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